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23rd August 2024
I first started out in music in a very different genre performing as an MC on Garage and dance tracks at parties, weddings and open mics at the age of 16. I wrote lyrics to an old skool garage track and recorded it with the help of my mate Simon at SL Studios in Watford at the age of 18, and 1 year later was back in the same recording studio putting down tracks I'd written with Zak Woodward including "Cruising Away" which we later developed into an acoustic track with a very different feel.

By this point myself and Zak were running our own Open Mic night in Newport Pagnell and playing acoustic gigs round Milton Keynes and Northampton which we still do to this day. I was introduced to a lot of other musicians during this period and a bass player (Jam Malley), a lead guitarist/drummer (Mat Soulsby) and a Rhythm guitaris
I got my first guitar at the age of nine and attempted to teach myself to play. I should really have some lessons soon to try and learn the forth chord. I was in a band at school and preferred to bunk off and jam rather than sit through another English lesson. When I parted company with the school I had to get a real job and the music took a back seat.

I started to play seriously again in 1997 and joined a band with an old school friend. Five bands later and many years on here I am.

As for my kit, Iím definately better at collecting guitars rather than playing them. Live I tend to use a modified Clapton strat and a Bad Cat combo.

Blues are definitely my roots & when I reach the crossroads Iíll sell my soul to the devil. Until then this band definitely has the Mojo!
I cut my teeth musically so to speak, in what can only be classed as a cross between a Hawkwind tribute band and early punk during my 6th Form days.

Anyway my musical aspirations took a back seat as my career took off and the family came along! However my guitars and music were never far away. I soon got the bug again and could be heard at Christmas parties making a fool of myself. Then came my big break (or male menopause?) in the vein of Loose Covers, The Fatboy5 and On The Run. I'm now part of this motley crew. Cheers!
Born, living and playing in Northampton my story began with the drums at aged 12, thanks to a percussion audition at middle school.

Since that time I have collaborated with many frivolous musicians, but I have never really found that musical kudos.

Over the years I have gained musical knowledge and learnt new tricks here and there.

Now with the collective experience of ability and the guarantee of having a good time, playing damn good tunes seems so easy in this band.

Personally I am open to most song choices, although I prefer anything with an interesting musical arrangement. (The heavier the better!) I play a Pearl Masters 6 piece custom kit with Tama Iron Cobra double kick!
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